Panama Details

Climate: The best thing about the weather in Panama is that it is always warm through the year. You will enjoy daily highs of up to 28 -32. Those looking for cooler climate can find it in the valleys in Chiriquí, Cerro Punta and El Valle with daily high at 22-24 and cool fresh nights. Panama has two seasons the dry season from December to end of April, and the wet season, from May till November.

Population:According to census of 2010 the population is 3.322.576 of habitants.

Currency:National currency of Panama is Balboa, but nowadays US Dollars are used all over the country.

Language:Panamanians speak Spanish, this is an official language of Panama. Also there are used indigenous languages such as al ngäbe buglé, kuna, emberá. 14% of population speaks English.

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